Spill Tube Air Screen Holley or Quick Fuel Dominator 4500 Carburetor Product Description:

*** Does NOT Include spill tube. New air screen fits all Holley, BG & Quick Fuel Dominator style carburetors only. This screen includes two whistle holes for spill tubes.

7 3/4″Diameter, 2 1/8″ Tall

$48.00 Includes bolt

Air Screen 4500









Holley or Quick Fuel Dominator 4500 carburetor air screen filter (Drag Racing) Product Description:

Fits HOLLEY or Quick Fuel 4500 Dominator carbs ONLY. Use for Drag racing purposes. Put it on with a 5/16 stud and double nut it so it won’t vibrate loose and you’re ready to race. Optional Installation kit for 4500 Dominator air screens.

$39.00 Includes bolt          carb

Holley Quick Fuel 4150 carburetor air screen Drag Racing SRP9000 Product Description:

Fits HOLLEY, Edelbrock, Quick Fuel, and small BG  4150 carbs ONLY. Use for Drag racing purposes. 

4150 units are 5 1/4″ wide x 2 3/8″ tall 

$29.00 includes bolt