Riggeal’s has several accessories to upgrade your car trailer or shop!

Carbon Fiber Counter Top

Also available in Fiberglass in black or white gel coat.

Up to 9 feet long

24.5 Inches wide

$87.00 per linear foot for carbon fiber

$62.00 per linear foot for fiberglass

End Plates are trimmed but may need to be trimmed slightly for each counter top.

End plates $50.00 per set for carbon fiber

$38.00 per set for fiberglass

CARBON FIBER Countertop; Double click to enlarge

This is only the carbon fiber counter top skin with no build up under it.  A build up can be easily done with plywood or chip board. (Shipping would be too expensive if we shipped it already done.)  THIS IS NOT MEANT FOR A HOME OR KITCHEN.   IT IS NOT A FOOD SAFE OR HEAT RESISTANT MATERIAL!!  Use it only in your shop or trailer.

Carbon Fiber Cabinet Covers

Up to 3′ x 5′

$525.00 for entire sheet of carbon fiber.

Can be cut to size! 20 cents per sq. in. if cut to size.

Thickness .035

Just take the aluminum out of the current cabinet and insert this in its place. Use the aluminum for a template.

CARBON FIBER Cabinet Covers; Double click to enlarge

Carbon Fiber Paper Towel Holder with Lid

Can also be done in Fiberglass, in black or white

This is perfect for the towels that are stored on a trailer door so they don’t get wet when the door is open. Also great for in a shop so the towels don’t get dirty!

Fits Scott Rags 300 count

$270.00 Carbon Fiber

$220.00 Fiberglass

The paper towel holder comes with a lid but lid is not pictured here.

Fiberglass Paper Towel Holder; Double Click to enlarge