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1733 Jr. Dragster Body

New Jr. Dragster Body available!

1733 Jr. Dragster Body

This body has a prominent center peak and new nose design. It's available in fiberglass, carbon and color carbon/kevlar.



1 Piece Jr. body dimensions; Double Click to Enlarge  

Fiberglass $1,175.00

 Carbon Fiber $1,970.00

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Dale Crouch’s Dragster

This is what Dale Crouch sent us about the Riggeal body on his dragster: "Greg that body is 15 years old my friend!! its one of the four we bought in 01 still no stress cracks and has to have 5000 runs on it this car has won 4 championships!!" We're glad to hear he is still happy with the body!...
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Mcilvain Race Cars Jr. Dragster

Dean Mcilvain sent us these pictures and email. We're glad to see he is so happy with the Riggeal parts! Greg & Lauren, please tell everyone involved Thank You so much for all the great work ! I know you have seen them on Facebook but thought you might like to have a couple pics. I am so stoked at how they have turned out and think they are a perfect compliment to the big car. We are headed to Norwalk...
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Terry King’s Mcilvain Dragster

Terry King emailed Riggeal’s to let us know how much he liked his Mcilvain dragster and the carbon body on it:

We continue to get so many good comments on our Riggeal dragster body. Everyone comments that after two years now it still looks new. They are sorry they got the ones they did and had to paint them.

Thanks again for...
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New #3 Dragster Body Now Available!

New #3 Dragster Body! Dragster Dimensions (double click on Picture to enlarge!) Available in Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber! Standard Fiberglass $1,943.00 Carbon Fiber $3,045 For more information check out the Dragster Bodies page  

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