2 Piece Jr. Body Dimensions; Double Click to Enlarge

2 Piece Jr. Body (Nose Included)

Fiberglass $1,175.00

Nose only Fiberglass $165.00

Nose only Carbon fiber $190.00

Jr. Nose is 15″ Long, 6″ Wide, 7″ Tall ¬†(Nose can be left up to 24″ ¬†long so it can slip over the body)

2 Piece Jr. Body; Double Click to Enlarge


We also build Jr. bodies for:

Half Scale Dragsters’

KCS Dragsters

Strike Force Jr. Dragsters

RaceTech Jr. Dragsters

Quick Kids Jr. Dragsters

N.C. Chassis

These are available through these individual chassis shops. Most have info on their websites; to contact them check out our customers page!

Some of these Chassis shops no longer produce Jr.s, however we have bodies available through them, just give us a call!

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